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Aims of Education

Program Outputs of the Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

1- Ability to use theoretical and practical knowledge with sufficient knowledge in fields specific to Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

2- Ability to identify, define, interpret, formulate and solve problems in the field of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, and the ability to select and apply appropriate analysis and modeling and solution methods for this purpose

3- Designing, meeting and developing a process, product, model under realistic constraints and conditions in the field of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, in other words, taking into account the current possibilities and current situation of the area in question, using certain requirements and information technologies effectively

4- Awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation in related to the field; information about sustainable development.

5- To select, use, develop and inform the necessary modern tools for field applications and

the ability to use technology effectively,

6- Related to their fields, designing, experimenting, fieldwork, collecting data, analyzing results the ability to archive, decipher and / or interpret text

7- The ability to work effectively individually and in teams

8- Ability to communicate effectively in Turkish, both orally and in writing,

9- Ability to write effective reports in the field and understand the reports, prepare production reports, make effective presentations, take and give clear and understandable instructions

10- Lifelong learning awareness, access to information, following developments in science and technology

and the ability to constantly renew itself,

11- Awareness of professional ethics and responsibility

12- Awareness of the universal and social effects of field practices (environmental problems, economy, sustainability, etc.) and legal consequences,

13- Awareness of the standards used in field applications


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