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International Relations

Justus Liebig University

Soil Science and Birki Nutrition Department actively supports the cooperation between Ege University Faculty of Agriculture and Giessen Justus-Liebig University (Germany), which started in 1960 and lasted for more than 50 years. Especially through IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience), student exchange internship has been going on for many years. Thanks to this internship activity, foreign students who come to our country increase their professional knowledge by doing internships with our faculty students, as well as get to know the cultural and natural riches of our country closely. Likewise, our students who go to Germany come back to our country by gaining different experiences. The collaboration with Justus Liebig University has been published as a book in Turkish and German with the title of “The Story of 50 Years of Friendship”. You can find the news about the cooperation in our country and the German press below.

Ege Welcomes Foreign Intern Students

Foreign students doing internship at Ege University

German students for internship at Ege University

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Türkiye scholarships

There are students from Benin, Togo, and Cuba in our department having postgraduate education with Türkiye scholarships. These students, who are involved in master and doctorate activities, form cultural and scientific bridges between their countries and our country.


International Summer School on Soil and Water

An international summer school event on "Soil and Water" was held in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 in cooperation with the Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition of our Faculty and the Prague Life Science University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Water Resources (Czech Republic). The member universities of ELLS and ELLS, UTAEM supported the organization of the summer school.

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