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Continuous Improvement Commissions

E.U. Agriculture Faculty Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Department

Continuous Improvement Commissions, Assignments and Members


Assignment Descriptions

Commission Members

Accreditation and Quality Commission


  1. Preparation of the self-assessment report
  2. Ensuring coordination between commissions
  3. Analysis of teaching staff
  4. Periodically requesting self-evaluation reports from all continuous improvement commissions


Prof.  Ömer Lütfü ELMACI

Prof. Mustafa BOLCA


Prof.  Gökçen YÖNTER

Assoc. Prof. M. Tolga ESETLİLİ

Assoc. Prof. Bihter ÇOLAK ESETLİLİ

Assoc. Prof. Ali Rıza ONGUN

Assoc. Prof. Fulsen ÖZEN

Asst. Prof. Bülent YAĞMUR

Researcher Dr. N. Tuba BARLAS

Researcher Onur BAYIZ

Education Comimssion

  1. Determination of course and classroom needs
  2. Updating the Faculty and load summary
  3. Evaluation of courses according to ZIDEK criteria
  4. Determination of information about horizontal and vertical transitions
  5. Updating the undergraduate education program
  6. Evaluation of retrospective student information system.
  7. Ensuring the preparation of minutes by holding advisor-student meetings at the beginning of the semester.
  8. Determination of success statistics by years.
  9. Announcing the educational objectives, mission and vision to the students by updating them (web page, ZIDEK board)
  10. Evaluating the assessment and evaluation results reports, informing the accreditation commission and the academic board of the Department, and using the achievements in the internal stakeholder circle.
  11. ZIDEK Criterion 3, re-evaluation of ZIDEK outputs and determination of new program outputs.
  12. Updating program outputs in line with ZIDEK outputs and making necessary additions.
  13. Reflecting the improvements to be made in the consultancy system according to the results of the student-advisor meeting to the internal stakeholder cycle.
  14. Updating educational objectives and program outputs by meeting with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students

Prof. Burçin ÇOKUYSAL


Prof. M. Eşref İRGET

Prof. Gökçen YÖNTER

Assoc. Prof. Mahmut TEPECİK

Thesis Commission

  1. Announcement of graduation theses
  2. Updating the graduation thesis format.
  3. Archiving of graduation theses made in the department
  4. Reporting the number and quality (research-compilation) of the graduation thesis and presentations by years.
  5. Evaluation of the surveys after the graduation stage surveys are done by the graduation thesis advisors and in cooperation with the informatics commission.
  6. Keeping the records of TUBITAK supported graduation theses
  7. Organization of the delivery of multidisciplinary graduation papers

Assoc. Prof. M. Tolga ESETLİLİ

Researcher Onur BAYIZ

Informatics Commission

  1. Transferring survey forms to electronic media
  2. Establishing a retrospective student information system
  3. Making and evaluating student surveys, and presenting the prepared reports to the education commission at the end of each semester.
  4. Providing evaluation support to graduate and industrial relations commissions
  5. Ensuring that survey forms are filled in and evaluated by all faculty members in common courses.
  6. Pouring the collected information into forms
  7. Updating the department web page
  8. Adding items related to the evaluation of the lecturer to the course evaluation questionnaires of the students.
  9. Working on updating the surveys.

Assoc. Prof. Ali Rıza ONGUN

Researcher Dr. N. Tuba BARLAS

Researcher Onur BAYIZ


Graduate Commission

  1. Organizing graduate meetings
  2. Creation of graduate knowledge base
  3. Making, evaluation and reporting of graduate surveys
  4. Collaborating with the IT commission in the evaluation of graduate surveys

Assoc. Prof. Bihter ÇOLAK ESETLİLİ

Assoc. Prof. Mahmut TEPECİK



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